About Silverthorne Games

Silverthorne Games was founded back in the early 2000s by Ian S. Johnston, an unrepentant gamer and notorious dispenser of TPKs. Ian’s vision was to create cool and innovative RPG supplements for the burgeoning 3rd edition rules of the world’s most popular fantasy role playing game (we can’t tell you which one, but it involves dungeons and large reptilian creatures).

In accordance with the vision of Ian (the One Man Gang), Silverthorne Games created a number of innovative products, using talented writers and artists within the RPG industry. Notable creations include the Realms of Evernor(tm) setting, Races of Evernor(tm) supplements, and, of course, The Book of Templates and Template Troves series of PDF supplements.

This site is the official web presence of Silverthorne Games and will feature updates and information about the company’s products, past and present.